2011 Updated World Divorce Rates — 82 countries reporting

In January 2015, I updated the 2011 World Divorce Rate data and created this figure to illustrate the overall divorce rates.  This represents the most current data across the world that is consistently reported to the United Nations.  Many countries that have not yet reported 2012 or 2013 data such as the United States and Great Britain are included in this figure.  Also, there are 70 countries that have reported their 2012 divorce rates and 11 countries that have reported 2013 data.  The original data can be found in the United Nations Demographic Yearbook.  

2011 updated world divorce rates

2012 North & South America Divorce Rates Updated

Eleven North and South American countries have reported divorce rates to the United Nations.  Aruba has the highest divorce rate and Guatemala had the lowest divorce rate.

North-South America Divorce rates 2012- 11 countries

2012 Updated Asia Divorce Rates– 16 countries reporting

Asian countries have recently reported their 2012 divorce rates.  Sixteen countries have reported.  The Republic of Korea has the highest divorce rate and Uzbekistan has the lowest of the countries reporting.

Asia Divorce Rates 2012-- 16 countries

2012 Updated European Divorce Rates– 39 countries reporting

Thirty-nine European countries have reported their divorce rates to the United Nations.  Russia continues to have the highest divorce rate.  Ireland has the lowest divorce rate.

European Divorce Rates 2012-- 39 countries


2012 Updated World Divorce Rates– 70 countries reporting

The United Nations released its most up to date report on marriages and divorce across the world.  Seventy countries have now reported data. More postings about world divorce rates.   There are 11 countries that have reported their 2013 divorce rates.

Update World Divorce Rates 2012-- 70 countries

2013 Selected World Divorce Rates

The United Nations has released the latest divorce rate information.  At present very few countries are included.  For most of these countries there has been little change in the divorce rate since 2012.  The original data are here.  Also see the 2012 World Divorce Rates.

Selected divorce rates 2013

2012 World Divorce Rates– Incomplete

This figure has been updated with 70 countries reporting.  Jan 2015

The United Nations has released the World Demographic Report that provides data on patterns of the world population including marriage and divorce rates.  As usual the numbers are incomplete as many countries do not report in time for this report, but the report also updates the 2011 data and these are more complete.

More world divorce charts and graphs are here…..World Divorce Rates 2012 incomplete