Comparisons of Divorce Rates Across Countries

In recent months I have created several graphs and figures that compare divorce rates across the world.  I have now created a page that includes many of these graphs and figures in one place to make them easier to find.

It is called World Divorce Rated Compared…..

Eastern European Divorce Trends 1960-2011

Eastern European Divorce Trends 1960-2011

2012 World Divorce Rates– Incomplete

This figure has been updated with 70 countries reporting.  Jan 2015

The United Nations has released the World Demographic Report that provides data on patterns of the world population including marriage and divorce rates.  As usual the numbers are incomplete as many countries do not report in time for this report, but the report also updates the 2011 data and these are more complete.

More world divorce charts and graphs are here…..World Divorce Rates 2012 incomplete

Current Trends in Divorce Rates– US and the World

I just reviewed some of the latest demographic information about trends in terms of divorce rates in the US and around the world.  Here are links to these updated summaries. 

US Divorce Rates Compared to Western Countries

Although the divorce rate has been declining in the United States, it is still higher than many of the other Western countries.

See original source at the U.S. Census Bureau.

World Divorce Rates 2011….,

World Divorce Rates 2012

More Demographic information here….