World Divorce Statistics– Comparisons Among Countries

Below are several graphs and figures showing the divorce rates across countries. Included are the best estimates of divorce rates for many countries.There are specific charts for Europe, Asia, Islamic countries and Oceania. All of these data are based on information collected by the United Nations or Eurostat.

World Divorce Rates 2013
Divorce rates in Islamic countries
Here are a group of graphs and figures that provide some comparisons of divorce rates

Update World Divorce Rates 2012-- 70 countries

Crude Divorce Rate-- Highest 2011


2011 updated world divorce rates

Oceania Divorce rates 20007-2010Percent of Children living wih co-habitating parents Europe 2010Europe Divorce Rates 2011Updated, Crude Divorce Rate-- Europe 2010European Countries -- Recently Legalized DivorceDivorce rates Asia 2010

10 thoughts on “World Divorce Statistics– Comparisons Among Countries

  1. Kazakhstan is not a Muslim country. Who the heck counted it as a an Islamic country? It’s multi-confectional society, former Soviet colony and isn’t much different than Russia.

    • More than 70% of Kazakh people are Muslims and this rate growing fast because of Russian ethnic coming back to Russia.

  2. Divorce is coherent with religion or certain beliefs. If 2 persons share love for eachother and have a goal of becoming one, you will strive for that goal. if God or spirituality is absent in a marriage, you will end up with 2 flames who will fade, because of different interpretation of reality and lack of love.

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