Divorce Scientists & Research Institutes

An incomplete list scientists who have made major contributions to the study of divorce, the effects of divorce on children, stepfamilies, custody, mediation and more.  Also, see list below of research centers that focus on marriage and divorce issues.

Research Institutes — Marriage, Divorce, Families

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Studies Australian families, provides reports on trends in demographic data regarding divorce and marriage.  Publishes research summaries and policy briefs, see Family Matters. 

National Institute of Health and Social Welfare, Finland

This agency is a source for information on statistics about children and families in Finland. They published a report in Journal of Family Psychology (2011) about the long-term effects of divorce on intimacy in young adulthood.

Vanier Institute for the Family— Canada

One thought on “Divorce Scientists & Research Institutes

  1. You need to make a conscious decioisn as to how you deal with the pain of your divorce. You need to realize that how you react to what is happening in your life will have an effect on the people around you including and especially your children.

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