How divorce rates vary by race and ethnicity in the U S

This figure comes from a recent report by the U S Census Bureau on marriage and divorce patterns in the United States.  This particular graph shows the variation in the duration of first time marriages for women of different races and ethnic groups.  Black-non-Hispanic women have the least chance of long marriages and Asian-non-Hispanic women have the best chance of a long marriage.

More divorce statistics are here….

15 thoughts on “How divorce rates vary by race and ethnicity in the U S

  1. Duh. Black people tend to be quitters. They won’t stick out anything hard if they don’t absolutely have to. All marriages have tough patches. Marriages that last do so despite the difficulties. Throwing in the towel on their marriages – mistakenly thinking it’ll make their lives easier or better – is just one of the many ways blacks routinely sabotage themselves (and any hope of building intergenerational wealth), along with dropping out of FREE public secondary education or hoping (against all statistics) to strike it rich in entertainment or athletics.

    • we stuck out 300 years of slavery discrimination we have continued to prove narrow minded people like you wrong over and over again so get this straight it isn’t about black people being quitters because something is too hard when statistics is against you to become a successful black person in the business world Just because we are black .Just like you who started to judge us on the color of our skin because you seen the chart you found some gratification or pleasure in belittling my people .Without realizing or considering the reasons why most of us chose the athletics and entertainment rout two word ‘artistic freedom ‘ over the years the only place for a black man to feel wanted was the athletic and entertainment field but i wont bore you with knowledge you so clearly do not have.But keep looking and judging a person by the color of there skin because until you can see that we are all connected you’ll never have through understand of yourself or how the world works. p.s the statistics are wrong 90% of Asians don’t get married by choice or even stay married by choice its a dishonor to most of there family to leave the man of your child or woman and most Asians cherish honor.

      • I am Asian. I have a lot of Asian friends. We all married because we chose our spouses. Where did you get the statistic about 90% of us marrying because of arranged marriages? Also, I have stayed married by choice, not because I do not want to dishonor my family. (17 years and counting) Your comment is not appreciated, nor do I think it is accurate.

    • White men just stay married and cheat openly on no back boned white women…even sleep with their own children without her blinking an eye

  2. PS. Is it any surprise that Asians – who also have higher average household income than whites – have an even lower divorce rate than whites? The same cultural tendency toward discipline in things like academics and emphasis on doing what’s best for one’s family causes them to persevere in marriage. I don’t expect these comments to survive “moderation”, but being un-PC doesn’t make them wrong, as honest black people will agree.

    • @Iska Waren, about asians, I seriously doubt that dicipline in education is a significant role since hispanics (I’m hispanic btw) are second place and hispanics, generally, last time I checked, statistically, hispanics don’t do too well in education. I think it’d make more sense to say that family values is more plausibly significant since both hispanic and asian culture seem to value it greatly. And about black people, you got to be careful with how say things… not all black people are like that but I think its safe to say there are major problems within the black community. But, dont use the word “they” since that implies all.

    • Wait, white people and discipline in academics? No white people take short cuts and take the “it’s who you know ” approach to success

  3. Wow.. Isa.. I know this late in response but Im just seeing your idiotic assumptions about African “Americans” divorce rates and being quitters, What a complete idiot for so many reasons but here’s something to chew on.. If high divorce rates amongst blacks indicate the inability to stick to anything what does the high suicide rate amongst whites indicate? It is higher than any other ethnic group (google it). And while we ponder those implications, what is the high murder rate amongst white spouses (husbands), the higher rates for sexual crimes and abductions indicate? Just asking?

  4. Not surprising data. I agree with the posters above. This data is correlated(although not caused) by Asians being at the top of the socioeconomic ladder(highest income, lowest crime, highest education, lowest rate of STDs, lowest rate of teen pregnancy, highest SAT score, lowest tendency to highly value religion) while blacks/hispanics tend to be at the lowest end of the socioeconomic ladder(lowest income, highest crime, lowest education attainment, highest rate of STDs, highest rate of teen pregnancy, lowest SAT scores, highest tendency to highly regard religion)

    Whites tend to be in the middle of all said statistics. Culture counts.

    • I agree…hispanics love and value family highly…whites live in delusion assuming many dont know they just hide their shit for saving face…

  5. I would like to correct all of you on the fact that what really affects the way someone lives and the decisions they make is not the skin colour, it is rather the kind of environment they grew up and what values they learnt in their early ages. So it is definitely wrong to automatically assume all blacks or all asians or all hispanics are a certain kinds of people.
    Once you open your mind and study the history and way of life of most people you find factors that contribute to their current situation in life include influence from the people they lived with, environmental factors, social factors meaning pressure from the outside world and ideology of people around about you and finally cultural factors.
    So in general it is wrong to judge someone’s character simply based on their skin colour. Because we all know some athletic Asians, smart black people, and successful hispanics. It is not a question of someone’s outside appearance, it is what is in your minds and hearts that really define who you are and who you become. So don’t be ignorant.

    • not at all .all regions whether it be europe or america whites have the highest divorce rates this analysis on this info is BS! whites are the highest handsdown in infidellity and the non menogamous race on the entire planet. no Asian such as indian would ever want to marry whites you people are absolutely discusting,stupid and have cancer genes too.

  6. whites have the highest divorce rates are stupid and have cancer genes . no indian nor any asian would choose white they prefer their own race. whites are gross! also whites are the most hated race.

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