What Religious Group Has the Highest Divorce Rate in the US?

There are numerous debates about whether there are different divorce rates among the various religions.  Too often these discussions are based on data that has been collected on limited samples or by organizations that have a partisan orientation.  In one of the recent US Census reports, based on the National Survey of Family Growth, there is the most reliable data to date about the probability of divorce among US citizens based on their religious background.

Those individuals that express no religion or religious preference have the highest likelihood of divorce, next is Protestant, followed by Catholics with other religions having the most least likelihood of divorce over the 20 year time period.   Only 43% of the non-religious group is likely to be married for 20 years, while 65% of the “other religious” group is likely to be married.  Protestant (50%) and Catholics (53%) are in between.  Although this information is interesting, it is much more important to ask questions about people’s engagement and/or practice of their religious faith such as church attendance, participation in religious service and so forth.  These activities are likely to be much more influential on marriage and family life than the mere “religious affiliation” tag of “Protestant,” “Catholic,” etc.

More about Religion and Divorce

Note:  The Census category of “other” religions is composed of a wide variety of beliefs including Judaism, Latter Day Saints (Mormon), Hindus, Muslims, Seventh Day Adventist, Neopagan beliefs and more. 

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