Resources for Practicioners

There are many high quality resources that can improve the practice of clinicians, mediators, clergy, family life educators and others work with children and families dealing with divorce and stepfamily issues.

Johnston, J., Roseby, V., Kuehnle, K. (2009).  In the name of the child:  A developmental approach to understanding and helping children of conflicted and violent divorce 2nd ed.).  New York:  Springer.

No family issue is more difficult than the high conflict and/or violent couple going through divorce and the children caught in these difficult families are at great risk.  Johnston and her colleagues and pioneered and tested some of the most effective strategies for helping these families.  This second edition of this book provides a detailed description of strategies for children from infancy to young adulthood.  The authors provide ideas for dealing with domestic violence, parental abduction, parent alienation, and child sexual abuse.

One thought on “Resources for Practicioners

  1. I have been separated fro over 2 years with 2 kids under 16. My ex is finlig for a divorce (he is planning to get married in just over 4 months). I know I can’t contest the divorce but he does not always pay money for the kids, can I have an arrangement written in as part of the divorce or can he just get divorced without it. How long does it take normally, he has just 4 months until his wedding? The CSA is not an option as he is self employed and hides most of his salary.

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