Measures of Divorce-Related Processes

Just starting, July 2012

This section is designed to provide a quick summary of the major measures of divorce-related processes.  This work is a good place for students and scientists to begin exploring relevant measures of divorce processes.

Acceptance of Marital Termination  Developed by Gay C. Kitson.

An 11-item Likert scale that assesses longing for, and the degree of acceptance of the loss of, a specific former romantic partner.

Original Source:  Kitson, G.C. (1982).  Attachment to spouse in divorce:  A scale and its application.  Journal of Marriage and the Family, 44, 379-391.

Studies that have used this measure:

Mason, A. E., Sbarra, D. A., Bryan, A. E. B., Lee, L. A. (2012).  Staying connected when coming apart:  The psychological correlates of contact and sex with an ex-partner.  Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 31(5), 488-507.

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