2012 World Divorce Statistics Have Been Released

See the newest 2012 figure (updated January 2015) which now includes 70 countries.  

The United Nations released their annual World Demographics report that includes marriage and divorce rates for countries around the world.  As usual the numbers are incomplete as many countries do not report in time for this report, but the report also updates the 2011 data and these are more complete.

For the divorce rates, 36 countries have reported.  Among these countries, the highest rate is 4.1 divorces/population in Belarus which is the same as 2011.  The next highest is 3.6 in Lativa which is lower than for 2011.

This graph shows the divorce rates from highest to lowest in 2012 for all reporting countries in 2012 and another graph here for 2011.

Other charts and graphs of world divorce statistics.

Divorce Rates in Islamic Countries

Divorce rates in Islamic countries

Many of the major Islamic countries do not report their divorce rates to the United Nations so there is limited data about divorce rates in these countries.  The major countries with missing data are Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh all of which have over 100 million Muslims among their population.  For Indonesia there have been reports in the press and scientific literature about divorce rates.

The United Nations publishes an Annual Demographic Year Book for 2011 includes a table of divorce rates  for about 200 countries in the world.  The data in this table are from the 2011 yearbook.  Many countries have not reported their 2011 data, but some have made these reports.  More reports on divorce rates around the world are reported here….

Top 5 Divorce Rates in the World — 2011

Crude Divorce Rate-- Highest 2011Most of the data is missing, but a few countries have reported their divorce rates to the United Nations.  The highest divorce rate that has been reported so far is Russia with a crude divorce rate (number of divorces/1000 population) of 4.7.

A more complete list of the 2011 divorce rates by country are here……