Divorce Rates in the Middle East

divorce rates Middle east 2010



Only a few countries in the Middle East have reported their divorce rates, but this provides a sample of the patterns of divorce in these countries.

The United Nations publishes an Annual Demographic Year Book for 2011 includes a table of divorce rates  for about 200 countries in the world.  The data in this table are from the 2011 yearbook.  Many countries have not reported their 2011 data, but some have made these reports.  More reports on divorce rates around the world are reported here….

Divorce Rates in England and Wales 1971-2011

Divorce Rates in England and Wales-- 1971-2011


The divorce rate in England and Wales has edged up slightly in 2011 compared to 2010.  (See complete report.)  For 2011, the rate was 10.8 divorces per 1,000 married persons.  The rates were identical for men and women.  Over the 40 year time frame (1971-2011), the divorce rates have been falling since 2005.  The rates are about the same as the early 1980s.  Some caution must be observed in understanding these rates as cohabitation has been increasing during the time period and the rate of marriage has been declining.

The United Kingdom Office of National Statistics just released the 2011 report on cohabitation and divorce.  As a part of this report they have produced some excellent 5 minute explanatory videos examining the patterns of cohabitation and civil partnerships.

They produce some very comprehensive statistics and marriage, cohabitation, civil partnerships and divorce. 

More information on divorcescience related to demographics….