Teen Divorce Stories

Here are some more video stories for teens.



Philip Cohen: Short video explanation of divorce rates

Professor Philip Cohen (blogger of Family Inequality) provides a short description of how divorce rates vary by ethnicity, age, education and length of time married.  A good reminder that the “average” divorce rate doesn’t tell us much about the risk to specific individuals.  (just over 1 minute long).

A Teen’s Story about Divorce: What do you think?

This is a very powerful story of one young person’s story of divorce and recovery.  What do you think?  What does this tell us?


Good summaries of what scientists know about divorce adjustment for adults and children

Two of the leading researchers on the effects of divorce on adults and children have recently given TED talks about their work.

Dr. David Sbarra, U of Arizona, Surviving Divorce, 9 minutes



Dr. Tamara Afifi, currently at U of Iowa, How Divorce Effects Children,  19 minutes


Caught between parents—

A Child’s Perspective on Divorce