New Stepfamily Research Findings

Coleman, M., Ganong, L., Russell, L., & Frye-Cox, N. (2015). Stepchildren’s Views About Former Step-Relationships Following Stepfamily Dissolution. Journal of Marriage and Family, 77(3), 775-790. doi:

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Teens & Social Media

As we think about how to talk with teens about divorce issues, here are some reminders about their use of social media.

Teen Divorce Stories

Here are some more video stories for teens.



Auntie Sparknotes Advice for Teens on Divorce

Here are some helpful ideas from Auntie Sparknotes


Jennifer Aniston : Talks to Young People about coping with her parents’ divorce

Two minutes of advice by Jennifer Aniston about the challenges of dealing with her parents’ divorce.–from-jennifer-aniston-518613321

Information for Teens

Several students have been looking for material for teens so that we can begin to understand what is available to teens online.  Here is some of what we have found.  We are not recommending any of this material.  Let us know if you are familiar with other material.

There are many videos on YouTube:

Teens and Divorce– various resources

We have begun collecting information and programs to support teens dealing with their parents divorce.  Here are some examples:

Online Programs

Family Change:  Teen Guide to Separation and Divorce– Designed by the California Courts

Children of Divorce– Coping with Divorce (this program has a fee)

Support Groups

I Am a Child of Divorce

Also, we have begun to collect some of the recent scientific literature on teens’ perspective on their parents’  divorce.  

Hartman, L.R., Magalhaes, L., and Mandic, A. “What does parental divorce or marital separation mean for adolescents? A scoping review of north American literature” (2011). Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 52, 490-518. doi:

Deborah Gatins , C. Ryan Kinlaw & Linda L. Dunlap (2013) Do the Kids Think
They’re Okay? Adolescents’ Views on the Impact of Marriage and Divorce, Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 54:4, 313-328, DOI:

A Teen’s Story about Divorce: What do you think?

This is a very powerful story of one young person’s story of divorce and recovery.  What do you think?  What does this tell us?


Searching for Online Divorce Groups for Teens & Young Adults

In the next few months will be trying to identify and examine online support groups for teens and young adults.  Our plan is to try to understand the more about how these work, their reach and their effectiveness.

Here is the first one on the list:

Please send us links or comments about other groups like this.

New Stepfamily Research Findings.

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