2013 World Divorce Rates

Divorce rates from countries across the world are collected by the United Nations.  Although we are in 2016, divorce rate information for 2013 is just being completed.  I have posted an easily readable graph of 71 countries reporting here.  You can find the original source of this data at the UN Demographic Report.  They have a little data for 2014.

Newest Data on European Divorce Rates 2013

European dirvorce rates for 2013

With only 27 countries reporting, the European divorce rates in 2013 indicate that the countries with the highest divorce rates are:  Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, & Denmark.  Those with the lowest divorce rates are: Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Malta.

See more world divorce trends.

These data are from Eurostat.

Poverty Status of Custodial Parents in the US

Custodial parents face many financial challenges.  This recent US Census report (2013) provides a description of custodial parents and their financial status.  This figure shows the poverty status of parents.  You can see the impact of the recent recession of the poverty of these parents especially the custodial fathers.

Poverty Status of Custodial Parents 1993-2011 US

Updated List of Divorce & Remarriage Research Listing for 2013

The list of some of the most important research studies related to divorce, remarriage and stepfamilies has been updated for the year 2013.  This is not a complete list, but the major studies that provide new insights into marriage formation, custody, law and so forth.

Similar summaries can be found for 2010, 2011, and 2012.

New results for 2014 are also summarized here.  

Update on 2013 Divorce Research

Just updated the Divorce Research for 2013 with some recent studies that provide new information on divorce.

Family Court Review just completed a 50 retrospective on many aspects of family courts including mediation, parent education, lawyering and more.  This complete issue is a good place to begin thinking about where family court services need to go in the future.

There are also some new findings from studies conducted in Europe that expand our understanding of the long-range impact of divorce.  See