Divorce Rates for Oceania– 2007-2010

Oceania Divorce rates 20007-2010





The divorce rates in Australia, Guam, New Caledonia and New Zealand have been very stable in these for years.

The United Nations publishes an Annual Demographic Year Book for 2011 includes a table of divorce rates  for about 200 countries in the world.  The data in this table are from the 2011 yearbook.  Many countries have not reported their 2011 data, but some have made these reports.  More reports on divorce rates around the world are reported here….

2 thoughts on “Divorce Rates for Oceania– 2007-2010

  1. Stephanie’s son is almost 11 and for most of his life he has lived between his mum and his dad’s house. Stephanie has a good relationship with her ex-husband; one of the positives that Australian Family therapists emphasise when exploring how kids will manage the separation of their parents.If this is the way family’s look in the future then the flexibility we all show in understanding what kids and adults need might offer more success for love the second time around.

  2. Most people in the West don’t give importance to, or outright ignore the fact that there should be a degree of adjustment to conform with conflicting ideas, or a minimum level of understanding, existing between couples, for a successful long-term relationship. High divorce rate is common in countries, where people are highly materialistic; don’t want to inculcate basic family values or encourage an institution that the ‘family’ as a cohesive unit establishes, and forward a message of integrity to it’s progenies; and, where, the word ‘love’ is superficially used to denote some sort of chemical explosion, that limits one’s attraction to external appearence only.

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