Social Dynamics Shape Brain Functioning….Divorce Research Updates 7-20-2015

Brains shape how we view the world, but our social and cultural worlds shape our brain.

A more complete list of research report about divorce, remarriage and stepfamilies published in 2015 or between 2010-2015.

Abraham, A. (2015). How Social Dynamics Shape Our Understanding of Reality. In Neuroscience in Intercultural Contexts (pp. 243-256). Springer New York.

In this chapter, Abraham examines the capacity for human beings to create and immerse themselves in multiple fictional worlds yet still not lose sight of reality.  She writes, “Behavioral and neuroimaging evidence indicate that cultural factors, such as ethnicity and socialization, exert considerable influence on several facets of human psychological functioning including self-perception, self-concept, fundamental attribution error, experience of emotion, self-esteem and life satisfaction, cognitive dissonance, motivation, and memory.”



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