Thinking about Social Media & Divorce

Our research group is beginning to think about how to reach young people about dealing with their parents’ divorce using social media.

We have begun to look for examples of what we might do.

Here is an interesting BuzzFeed version:

Children Of Divorced Parents, What Have You Learned About Marriage?
“Fight to get better, not to bring the other person down.”


Teens & Social Media

As we think about how to talk with teens about divorce issues, here are some reminders about their use of social media.

Can you reach teens about coping with divorce via social media?

Jeremy Kanter has begun to experiment with the use of social media, BuzzFeed, to reach teens about dealing with divorce.  This work combines humor, video and science  and other useful resources.  This is his BuzzFeed post:  10 Ways to Decrease Your Stress about your Parent’s Divorce.   


Social Media Trumps Experts

I am really struck by this quote by Josh Gad:

” How could I have been so naive as to trust the “research” conducted by experts over the past three decades, when DeepCowboyRenegade32, (a self-described “Kitchen Utensil Vendor” in Arkansas), needed nothing but 140 characters and a commanding use of the F word to make his point so clearly.  It turns out that passion outweighs hard fact.”

Although Josh Gad is talking about global warming in this example, his basic comments about the challenges of being an expert in a social media world are right.  What should we be doing differently?