Law and Scientific Evidence about Shared Parenting

A new report to be published in Family Court Review explores the state of the law and the scientific evidence regarding shared parenting.  This is an important review of the scientific and legal landscape.  See Closing the Gap: Research, Policy, Practice and Shared Parenting AFCC Think Tank Final Report  by MK Pruett, JH DiFonzo

Should US Divorce be easier or harder to obtain?

Over the past 30 years survey researchers have been traking the US public’s attitudes about obtaining a divorce.  From 1974 to 2006 there been very little change in attitudes.  Roughly, about 25% of the public thinks it should be easier to obtain a divorce, about 50% think it should be harder and 20% think the law should stay the same.

Divorce Law Data, General Social Survey, NORC at the University of Chicago.